Here are the answers to our most common questions :)



Why do businesses use Plai?

Plai doesn't just make marketing easy, it makes it better. Digital marketing is always changing, that's why we regularly update Plai to include the latest best practices to keep you a step ahead without you having to spend hours learning the latest tactics.

What does Plai actually do?

Plai makes it easy for you to plan your marketing campaigns, find insights in your analytics, and act on your insights with targeted ads. Difficult tasks like bidding, remarketing, match types, A/B testing and more are all done for you without you having to lift a finger.

How does Plai really work?

With AI and human touch we have made it easy for you to own your marketing and brand like never before. No marketing experience required. It's fast, easy to set up in a few taps, and available on the go.

Is Plai free to try?

Yes it is! We offer a 7-day free trial where you can access the entire app to get a feel for the power of Plai! You'll only be charged after your trial has ended if you choose to continue.

Do my ads run through the Plai ad account?

No :) They run through your own ad account. Don't have an ad account? We can help you please email us at

How do I connect my ad accounts/My ad account isn't connecting?

In the Ads section of Plai tap Platforms and connect your desired ad account. Make sure to select an email in Plai that is listed as a user on your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. You can see the email in your Account Access section of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

My Instagram account isn't showing up.

Please make sure that your Instagram is connected to a Facebook page. For Instagram ads having a Facebook page and advertising account is required. Learn how to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page here.

My Facebook page isn't showing up.

Please make sure that your Facebook page is connected to your ad account. See how to do it here.

Should I have a Facebook pixel or conversion tracking on my website?

Yes you should! This is how Plai will be able to boost your performance overtime. If you need help please reach out to

How many accounts can I connect to Plai?


How can I contact you for a demo or more help or to just do it for me?


Where can I learn how-to best use Plai?

We have many resources on our Youtube channel here.

How do I pause my YouTube Ads?

All other ads you can pause yourself, for YouTube Ads please contact us

What new ad platforms and features are coming to Plai?

In the next two months we will have LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, and a few more exciting integrations.

How do I add a team member to my account?

We are working on this feature now :)

How do I make edits to my ad campaign?

It's not good to make changes while your campaign is still in it's learning phase but we are working on this feature now to allow you to make edits when the time is right :)

Why use Plai on Desktop?

We have more tools and features like Analytics :) The mobile app version of Plai is focused primarily on launching targeted ads. With one membership you get access to both desktop and mobile versions of Plai.

How to cancel my plan?

In your profile section, tap the Pricing button, cancel your plan. Make sure to cancel your plan from wherever you signed up with Plai, that could be on mobile or the web app.