Here is an in-depth look at the many features of Plai.

Plai paid social ads made easy

Plai takes care of the hard stuff for you.

Campaign Structure. Forget campaign names, ad groups and ad sets, bidding, and the many ad formats. Plai takes care of all of that for you in a tap.

Audience building. Plai makes it easy for you to create retargeting audiences across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You can also build lookalike audiences right within Plai. Furthermore, Plai recommends targeting options for you.

A/B testing. Plai will write your ad copy, generate images + videos and rotate them to find the best ad combination for you saving you dozens of hours.

Your own custom plan and Plaibooks. Simply add your revenue goals and experience level for Plai to create a custom advertising plan that you can implement in just a few taps, no experience required. We also have our favorite strategies that we've created for you so you can advertise like a pro in seconds using our Plaibooks!

Easy paid social ads

We offer almost every ad type in just a tap.

Ad types. Plai supports Facebook and Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, YouTube, Google Search, Google Display and Google Play Store Ads, and we're always adding more. See our roadmap here.

Best features in one flow. The best features from these ad platforms are automatically selected for you, so in one simple flow you can launch targeted ads across all platforms.

Keep your ads consistent across platforms. Learning all the new ad platforms is tough especially switching between the many tabs of each. In one place and flow, you can launch your campaigns to your target audience across all platforms. Ensuring consistency and peak performance to help achieve your goals.

New platform features. There are new platform features from Facebook, TikTok, and Google every single week and we put those into Plai automatically saving you hours of time learning.

Easy paid social ads

Create ad mockups & templates with AI

AI Ad Creation. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of ad design - our AI does the heavy lifting for you like generating hundreds of headlines and descriptions, streamlining your ad creation across platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Cross platform. Generate innovative and eye-catching ad templates and mockups tailored to your unique needs with AI.

Share with your clients or team. You can share your AI-generated ad templates with your team or clients, with a simple click, enhancing collaboration and ensuring a cohesive brand image.

Plai marketing made easy

Uncover insights buried in your analytics.

Answers to your most important questions. There are billions of data points across analytics platforms, and it's confusing. What we've done is simplified the most important insights for anyone to understand and access like: Where your customers are coming from and Where you should be spending more time and resources.

Analytics supported for insights. Google Analytics, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Google Ads. We're always adding more insights and more platforms.

Why is this in Plai? We believe in taking a data driven approach to marketing and what we are doing is giving everyone on your team just enough insights to be dangerous :) and make better decisions for your business. In the future we plan to incorporate more of your insights into your ad campaigns.

Plai marketing made easy


Grow Your Agency With Your Own SaaS Product - Powered by Plai's advertising technology - turn Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok Ad Management into your own SaaS tool.

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find micro influencers

AI Landing Page Builder +more

Landing Page Builder. AI-powered landing page creator that can generate great looking and converting landing pages in seconds. You'll get a personalized landing page with your own branded theme, text, buttons and even your company logo.

Trending content. See what's trending in your niche and better understand your market. Just add a topic or brand and an article type like videos or how-to lists. This is a great way for you to see what headlines and types of content you should be using in your ads, social posts, emails, sales calls, and more.

Find keywords. For any keyword get the search volume, average cost per click, and related keywords, and filter it by any location! This is one of the easiest keyword tools you'll find. The keyword finder tool will help you find new keywords for your ad campaigns.

And more. Yes, we realize there is a lot but there's more to marketing than just launching ads. We are integrating all of these features into Plai's ads to help you create and automate the best ads for your business! We have any more tools to help you plan and budget your advertising campaigns that we are adding.

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