July 3, 2024
Effortless Campaign Tracking with UTMs in Plai & GHL

In Plai your campaigns can have UTM parameters for better tracking!

Struggling to track your campaign performance?  If you've been diving into attribution and analytics, you might be wondering how UTM parameters (UTMs) work within Plai. Here's the good news: Plai automatically injects UTMs into your call-to-actions (CTAs) for seamless reporting! This means you can see detailed user data in your "Visits" section, including the source platform (e.g., Facebook), specific campaign, ad set, and even ad names!  Note: UTM parameters won't be visible when previewing your ads.

But what does Attribution with UTMs mean?

An UTM (which stands for Urchin Tracking Module) is a snippet of text that's attached in the end of a URL to track the metrics and performance of a specific marketing campaign. That little piece will carry valuable information with itself that later, your software can retrieve. This information can be from users visiting your site to pinpoint the sources of traffic, it can track specific actions performed and more.

All campaigns you create with Plai will automatically generate an URL with a UTM inserted by in the URL link created. Plai uses the basic parameters set to the GA4 standard: this means the UTM will have very famous parameters like Source, Medium, Campaign and Content that are tracked to your destination URL. Here's an example:


  • utm_source: Identifies the referrer, the platform where the ad originated (e.g., Facebook ad).
  • utm_medium: Tracks the adset name (e.g. video no music)
  • utm_campaign: Identifies the specific campaign your ad belongs to (e.g., summer sale).
  • utm_content: Tracks the specific ad set displayed to identify asset variation (e.g., asset combination 1).

Plai automatically adds the campaign_id parameter for better integration with GHL. Below you’ll see an example of how the URL parameters reflect within the Ads account:

This is what it looks like inside the Ad Manager

What Actions Do I Need to Take?

Good news is you don't have to worry about this! Plai handles the data creation and processing automatically. However, for better analysis clarity, it's recommended to maintain clear and consistent naming conventions for your campaigns and ad sets. These will allow you not only to access better data yourself, but also to be able to troubleshoot and share your work with others.

Felipe Laciar

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Effortless Campaign Tracking with UTMs in Plai & GHL
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In Plai your campaigns can have UTM parameters for better tracking!
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