June 14, 2024
Enhance Your Facebook Campaigns with Multiple Ad Sets in Plai

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new feature inside of Plai that will transform the way you manage your Facebook ad campaigns. This new functionality allows you to have images and videos in the same Facebook campaign, test different audience groups, and create multiple ad sets within a single campaign. Let's dive into how this new feature works and how it can revolutionize your advertising strategy.

Simplified Campaign Structure

Previously, when you launched a campaign, it consisted of one campaign, one ad set, and one ad with numerous ad combinations. With our new feature, the structure remains similar at the launch, but you now have the flexibility to add up to 10 different ad sets for each campaign. This capability is designed to facilitate more efficient A/B testing and better targeting.

How to Create Multiple Ad Sets

  1. Launch Your Campaign: Start by launching your campaign as usual (click on the advertise tab). It will have one ad set.
  2. Add New Ad Sets: Once the campaign is launched, navigate to the View Results option and at the button of the ad you will have the 'Add New Ad Set' option. The entire ad set from your campaign will be duplicated, providing a pure A/B testing environment.
  3. Customize Ad Sets: Modify the new ad sets according to your testing requirements. For example, you can:
    • Targeting: Keep the same creative and switch out the audience. You can test between Broad Audiences, Look-a-Like and Remarketing. Use different ad sets to target various audience segments and refine your targeting strategy.
    • Creative: Create one ad set for images, another for videos, and another for carousels. Experiment with different types of creative content (images, videos, carousels) in separate ad sets to determine what resonates most with your audience.
    • Landing Pages: Test different landing pages to see which performs best.
    • Placement: Have one ad set for vertical placements (e.g., Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels) and another for standard placements. Test different ad placements to see which ones drive the best results for your campaign goals.

Advantage Campaign Budget

Our new feature integrates seamlessly with Facebook’s Advantage Campaign Budget, which means your budget is automatically allocated to the best-performing ad set. The budget, campaign name, and goal remain at the campaign level, ensuring streamlined management and optimization.

Editing and Performance Tracking

  1. Editing Ad Sets: Each ad set can be individually edited after creation. Select the ad set you want to modify and make the necessary changes.
  2. Performance Breakdown: Track the performance of each ad set individually to identify the best strategies and optimize future campaigns.

Upcoming Enhancements

We're not stopping at Facebook. This feature will also be available for Google Ads soon, allowing you to create and manage multi-ad groups in Google with the same ease and efficiency. 


We're incredibly excited to bring you this powerful new feature. By allowing you to create multiple ad sets within a single campaign, we aim to provide you with greater flexibility, more efficient A/B testing, and improved ad performance.

Watch the full video for more details of this new feature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4fulsa9fTU&t=5s

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Julia Viloria

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