February 4, 2023
Get Your Ad To The Top of Google

The same strategies don’t work like they used to. Learn how you can get to #1 on Google Search for any keyword that you want with $5.

We’re experts who have worked at Facebook and Google. We’ve helped thousands of business succeed with Google Search Ads and managed millions of dollars in ad spend to help businesses achieve their goals with diagital marketing. Getting to the top of Google is no easy feat, but with our video walkthrough guide you’ll be able to get your ad to the top of Google for any keyword, easily!

Watch how you can get to the top of Google

You’ll become a search engine marketing pro after you see this video walkthrough that will teach you how you can get to #1 on Google Search for any keyword that you want with $5 in 1 hour!

We will walk you through proper campaign structure for your Google Search Ads, Keyword research and match types, bidding, location targeting, landing page creation, ad text copy and more in this video walkthrough.

Although we can do this for any keyword, for this example we chose to show up first on Google for the popular digital marketing guy, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Watch and get started!

Use Plai to get to #1 on Google, easily!

You can waste hours trying to have success with Search Engine Marketing and getting to the top of Google or you can use Plai to get to the top of Google with a few taps. See how Plai works and how you can launch ads like a pro in minutes from your pocket!

Make marketing your superpower!

Logan Welbaum

Founder at Plai, Pretty Famous Tik-Tok-er, Business Consultant
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