December 19, 2023
Learn what are the best creative practices for your Facebook Ads

Unlock the secrets to captivate your audience and skyrocket engagement with our guide on "The Best Creative Practices for Facebook Ads." From thumb-stopping visuals to compelling copy, we'll dive into the art of crafting ads that not only catch eyes but leave a lasting impression.

  1. Focus on the message: Capture your audience's attention by cropping the image to highlight the most important part.
  2. Use an image or video that represents your business and your main message.

Videos: Use videos less than 15 seconds, grab people's attention in the first 3 seconds, and make sure to use vertical formats.

Photos: Be sure to use eye-catching images and vertical formats.

Logo: Show off your brand or logo, people interact more with brands they know or that demonstrate credibility.

More tips

Show people using your product or service: This helps people visualize themselves doing the same thing. It can be effective to show people similar to your target audience.

Consider using text overlay: If you want to add text to an image, it should not obstruct the visual content. Use a modern, clear font in an appropriate size and contrasting color.

If you are using videos, think sound on/ sound off

Consider colors, palettes and filters: Use attractive colors that are appropriate for the content, such as rich hues for summer sales or calming pastel tones if you're advertising a spa.

Get inspired with some of the Facebook Success Case, you can find them here

Julia Viloria

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