April 7, 2024
What’s coming: Google Ads 2024

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, discover the latest strategies, features, and game-changing updates that will redefine the way you approach online advertising. From innovative targeting options to cutting-edge automation tools, this year promises a wealth of opportunities to elevate your campaignsAI and automation:

Some of them include:

  • More sophisticated AI-powered features: Google Ads is expected to release even more AI-powered features to help manage campaigns. This could include automated bid strategies, ad creation using machine learning, and predictive analytics for better forecasting.
  • Focus on user experience:
  • Emphasis on broad match: Google may further incentivize the use of broad match keywords to capture more relevant searches despite potential irrelevant matches. However, careful negative keyword strategies will be crucial to ensure targeting accuracy.
  • Search experiences beyond text: Google may introduce more visual elements like product images and videos in search results, requiring advertisers to adapt their ad formats accordingly.
  • Stricter data and privacy controls: As privacy regulations continue to evolve, Google Ads will implement stricter data and privacy controls. Consent Mode v2 will play a bigger role in managing user consent for personalized ads, alongside the updated Personalized Ads Policy focusing on sensitive information like finance and health.

Now let’s deep dive into some of them:

  1. Google Ads will release more AI-powered featuresAI and machine learning tools have already started redefining the way we run paid search campaigns. This year promises even more sophisticated automated bid strategies, advanced audience targeting, and semi-autonomous ad creation. Additionally, with predictive analytics, advertisers can foresee consumer behavior, optimizing campaigns for “better results.”Advanced automated bid strategies have already been a massive change to Google’s formerly very manual process of adjusting bids and fine-tuning results. I expect that to continue to evolve now with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google’s focus on the data-driven attribution model.

    Semi-autonomous ad creationGoogle is very keen on encouraging advertisers to use their Performance Max (PMAX) campaign type. If you are unfamiliar, Performance Aax allows advertisers to access all of Google’s ad inventory (YouTube, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps) from a single campaign.The blend of AI and paid search heralds a future where campaigns are smarter, more responsive, and, importantly, more effective. While AI will handle much of the heavy analytical lifting, the role of the marketer will shift to more strategic decision-making, creative endeavors, and leveraging AI’s insights for maximum impact.2. Automation and smart bidding will become more popularAlong the same lines as the AI-powered features we covered above, automation in ad creation and audience targeting will become more prevalent across the board regardless of campaign. Smart bidding strategies like Target CPA and ROAS will continue to be popular, leveraging AI for efficient campaign optimization. Over time, these bidding strategies typically do improve a well-structured campaign.
  1. More emphasis on broad matchGoogle has been encouraging advertisers to use broad match more now than they ever have. The reason behind this is their confidence in smart bidding and AI’s ability to learn and optimize for results over time. So in essence, the more data you give the machine, the more it will be able to adapt to the goal that you have specified.
  2. Video advertising will growI expect video advertising to grow, not completely in the sense of the general YouTube Ads you’re currently experiencing, but in the realm of short-form video ads. YouTube Shorts are Google’s answer to TikTok and Meta’s Reels

tiktok trend discovery - youtube shorts home page example

  1. Search will take on a more visual experienceSearch has been trending towards a more visual experience for a while now. Advertisers can already include images with their search ads but I expect this to advance quite a bit more in 2024.

Carolina Flechas

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